A variety of services are offered and every effort will be made to tailor the program to each clients' needs. Please call extension 2 to inquiry about services and to obtain the best match. The length of therapy varies; up to six months is considered "short term" and beyond that is "long term."

Individual Therapy: "one-on-one" therapy.

Couple/Marriage Therapy: working with married, "to be married," and other couples.

Family Therapy: working with any two or more members of a family.

Group Therapy: six or more people, which meet as a group.

Assessment and Evaluation: vocational, personality and intellectual testing, as needed for diagnosis and treatment.

Seminars/Classes/Workshops: counselors are attentive to community needs and attempt to develop activities in response to these (Seminars 1-2 days; Classes 1-2 hrs/wk for a set amount of weeks; Workshops half to full day). A variety of topics/issues are addressed such as Adults Molested as Children, Parenting, Post Abortion, Grieving, People-Helping Skills, etc. Occasionally, we are contacted by a church or organization to conduct a seminar or workshop for their members.

Critical Incident Stress Management: We have staff available for crisis incident debriefings and defusings. We understand that these services are usually required with little advance warning.

Referral Program: We help coordinate services with and make appropriate referral to outside agencies when the need arises. For example, if medication is needed we work with the family physician or psychiatrist.

Professional Consultation/Training: We are available to consult with other professionals (including pastors) and provide an ongoing training program in psychodrama/group psychotherapy.

"Trouble in the Club"/ Team-Building: We have staff available for organization and work place interventions. Groups that might use these services would include businesses, churches, and community groups.


Our fees are on a sliding scale based on family monthly income, number of children, the kind of provider you see (doctoral vs. master level), and payment at the time of service ($20 discount) for seeing a licensed professional for individual, couple, and family psychotherapy services. These fees range from $55 to $140 for a 45 minute session. Additionally, when we have graduate student interns or practicum student available to provide services the cost of their services ranges from $21 to $42 for a 45 minute session.


Services may be paid using insurance or other third party payor benefits. We would be happy to assist you in determining if our services would be covered under your plan. Determining payment arrangements is often complicated. Some insurance companies/third party payors require professionals to be certified or network provider in order to be eligible for reimbursement. Some third party payors utilize a "carve out" arrangement for mental health services meaning another company may be responsible for administering the mental health benefits and may or may not be the determiner of who they would pay for providing the service. Some third party payors will pay on an "in network" or "out of network" basis meaning that they may pay professionals who are not contracted but at a different benefit level or by way of a different benefit arrangement. Our professionals would be happy to gather the information necessary for us to call your third party payor to determine which of our employees qualify to provide services under the plan and what the benefits would be, including deductibles, coinsurance, and copays, and whether there are any preauthorization requirements. Usually third party payors are quite often unforgiving in regards to administrative details such as preauthorization requirements. Please be aware in addition that they are often quite selective in terms of whom they allow to be on their panels. We have made an effort to be on as many panel as we are able.

Some individuals may qualify for funding through Medicaid, Division of (Vocational) Rehabilitation Services, Crime Victims Reparations, or Utah partners For Health. We would be happy to help determine if you might qualify for one of these and to direct you on how to obtain these benefits.

Currently, the quickest way to reach us to gather this information is to leave a message on our inquiry voicemail message box (2) specifying your interest and phone numbers and times to reach you. It is checked frequently so that we can reach you in a timely manner.









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