The following presentations are ones that the professional staff have made before or would be interested in making. Many of the didactic presentations include detailed outlines to assist the audience with note taking and to encourage them to interact with the content being presented and to identify questions. The experiential presentations will require audience participation though no one will be forced to participate in a way that is uncomfortable, that is it is possible to participate as an observer. However no written material will be handed out at these presentations, except for the one on Bible Learning for which guidelines for using this method are available. We would be available to develop new presentations on related topics. The initials of the presenters are listed in parentheses after the title.

Bibliodrama: Learning Personally and Deeply from Bible Stories (experientia,l RFP)

Christian Parenting Tips: How Children Develop an Understanding of God and Right and Wrong (RFP)

Evaluating (and Changing) Your Relationship with God (experiential, RFP)

Growing Through Grief and Loss Using Action Methods (experiential, RFP)

Grief Counseling, How to Do (RFP)

Grief and the Process of Mourning (RFP)

Healing Post Abortion Syndrome: An Action Methods Contribution (experiential, RFP)

Mediators of Mourning: Why Some Losses Are Harder (RFP)

Memory Healing Through Action Methods (experiential RFP)

Remembering Significant Experiences Using Action Methods: Psalms for Today (experiential, RFP)

Sexual Abuse Presentation (RFP)

Stress and the Christian (RFP)

When, How, and To Whom To Make a Professional Mental Health Referral, and What To Do Afterward (RFP)










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