Partnership Opportunities

Website Listing of Your Groups

Our website has a page for support, recovery, and mental health related groups as a resource for the Christian community along the Wasatch Front. We would be happy to list your groups or any of which you may be aware. Please see that webpage for the kinds of information we’d like to post. Please advise us of any changes.

Presentations/ Workshops for Your Groups

We are interested in making presentations or leading workshops for your congregation and church groups. A list of potential topics can be found at our website. Requests for new topics are invited as well. Presentations of less than two hours will be conducted free of charge. Charges for longer presentations, including retreats, can be negotiated with the presenting professional or or Clinical Director.

Pastoral Consultations

At times many pastors find they’d like to bend the ear of a mental health professional related to perhaps a difficult pastoral counseling situation they are trying to address or a difficult situation within their congregation. Informal and formal consultations can be arranged with our staff members. Given sufficient interest we’d be interested in developing a pastoral consultation group that would meet periodically to discuss such issues. There would be a charge for ongoing formal consultations. Requests should be directed to our Clinical Director.

“Help Wanted” (Employment)

We are looking for committed Christians to serve with us in a number of areas. Currently we are looking for clinicians, particularly licensed persons though we are happy to help those in the process of completing their graduate education or requirements for professional licensure or certification. We are also looking for volunteers, including those who might serve on our Board, on one of our volunteer committees or as a volunteer. We are especially interested in persons who would broaden our church/denominational, ethnic, and socioeconomic representation. See the “help wanted” section of our website and the Board, committee, and volunteer opportunities.

An Office in Your Church

As we expand to better serve the Christian community we are interested in opening new satellite offices in area churches or other Christian settings. Usually this would mean a part-time commitment of space that can be adjusted to your schedule. We would provide Christian professional and support staff, professional and general liability insurance coverage, expert consultation/team work with our diverse staff, services available at your location on a sliding fee scale basis and through third party payment, and designation and recognition on our website as a satellite office. Requests related to opening an office should be directed to our Administrative Director.

Financial Partnership Arrangement

We are interested in enlisting the help of persons and churches that are desirous of being a part of our mission and ministry. Our sliding scale fee and willingness to take third party (Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid) makes our services available to many who might otherwise not be able to afford services. Our offering a sliding scale fee and willingness to take third party payment is enabled in large part because we have been able to use facilities owned by churches and other Christian organizations at minimal to no cost and because of financial contributions. We are interested in pursuing creative ways we may be able to work together with you. If you are interested in exploring such an involvement, please contact the Clinical Director or a Board member. We will be happy to list you as a contributor on our website and to link to your home page.









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