Christian Mission and Ministry Distinctives

We view our efforts as both a business and a mission/ministry. We focus on advancing and building God’s kingdom and providing kingdom services. The stewardship of many in the Christian community is working through this mission. How does this happen? We believe it happens through our response to felt client spiritual needs and use of spiritual resources, staffing, financial accessibility of services and charitable posture, and services tailored to address prevention of and treatment for short-term, long-term, and complex problems, difficulties, and issues.

  1. A majority of our clients seek us out because we are a “Christian Counseling Center.” Many but not all of our clients are from a Christian background. Some are coming from another faith tradition but are hungry and seeking spiritual answers and grounding. Though we focus on the presented mental health needs and do not pursue proselytizing per se sometimes that hunger results in spiritual conversion. Scientific research supports the notion that counselees become like their counselors and therapists. Some clients come because other mental health professionals are hostile to or fail to understand spiritual issues. Some centers require their clinicians to avoid using spiritual practices as part of treatment or even the discussion of spiritual issues. All of the professionals at the Center have interest and expertise in and understand the benefits of using spiritual resources as part of the treatment and in addressing religious issues and the spiritual aspects of problems.
  2. We are committed Christians, professional and support staff and Board, with diverse backgrounds and specialties teaming together to provide quality services “in the name of Jesus.”
  3. We actively and intentionally collaborate and cooperate with local churches and church leaders in the provision of services, addressing community needs (CCCU Board and Committees composed of Christian leaders with diverse backgrounds, pastoral and church leader consultations, presentations and workshops for area churches, office space “shared” by churches).
  4. We accept third party payment (insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.), use a sliding fee scale (the top of our sliding fee scale is consistent with corresponding “going rates,” bottom end fees are up to 45% of going rates), and provide further discounts for services provided by supervised graduate students to maximize access to services. This is consistent with our incorporation as a non-profit charitable organization and active pursuit of charitable sources of funding to enable our services to be provided on a sliding scale basis.
  5. We emphasize, support, and provide preventive services (website listing of Christian 12-step, recovery, support, and miscellaneous groups open to the public and public presentations and workshops by our clinicians, many available for no charge).
  6. Services are tailored to the needs of our clients and include addressing short term problems as well as long term and complex issues.









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