Volunteer Opportunities

We are an evangelical Christian para church organization. We exist to introduce Christ's restoration to brokenness, be it emotional, psychological, or relational, through a team of Christian professionals. We recognize many believers are beset by difficulties that would prevent them from functioning as members of the Body of Christ with unique contributions to make. In addition we recognize many seekers and others desire services that are respectful of and sensitive to spiritual issues. We are aware that quality mental health services, rooted in biblical principles and Christian values, are at a premium. We seek to partner with pastors and church leaders to provide trustworthy resources to meet the needs of their flock and to advance God’s kingdom.

We have the infrastructure in place to provide more services than we are currently providing and we are seeking the assistance of others to reach our potential. We are waiting on God for persons to fill many important roles. Could one of them be you? A mental health background or long-term commitment is not required.

We are seeking volunteers for a variety of miscellaneous short term and long term assignments and tasks. These could include making contact with area churches to update our “Website Listing of Your Groups” page and other pages of our website, assisting with arrangements for public presentations, seminars, and trainings, destruction disposal of accumulated clinical and business documents, etc.

Persons interested in serving are invited to become familiar with our organization through talking with a current Board or staff member or attending a Board meeting. For additional information or application please contact Rob Pramann, PhD, Clinical Director and Board Secretary/Treasurer (Work 801-268-1564 x3 utahssccc@aol.com), or Michael Galica, Board President/Chairman (mike@galica.us) or send resume and letter of interest to 525 East 4500 South, Suite 125, Salt Lake City, Utah 84107-2995.

Volunteer Assignments

Function and Location: Volunteers may assist Christian Counseling Centers of Utah, Inc. in a wide variety of ways with specific projects, short or long term. Supervision may be provided by the Administrative Director, Clinical Director or Board member. Responsibilities will be varied and outlined by the one(s) overseeing their project(s). Primary responsibilities will be determined and negotiated individually for each volunteer.

The location where the duties will be performed will vary based on the specific volunteer assignment and project.


  1. Desiring and willing to perform volunteer work for SChristian Counseling Centers of Utah.
  2. Committing to arrive at the agreed upon days and times ready to work and following through on this commitment.
  3. Following thorough on assignments as agreed upon with supervisor.









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