Clinical Practice Opportunities

Shepherd’s Staff Christian Counseling Center, dba Christian Counseling Centers of Utah, is seeking other motivated Christian mental health professionals interested in developing a practice consistent with our vision, mission, and values, and becoming part of our team. We are actively turning away clients for want of professional staff.

Our aim is to play to the interests, strengths, and initiative of our staff within a broader vision of providing Christian services and as such to serve as a “floor,” a foundation, support, and guide for our staff’s unique interests and endeavors rather than a “ceiling,” a limit as to what they might do. Current center support services include billing and accounts, weekly multidisciplinary team meetings, continuing education, consultation, payroll, website, retirement benefit options, etc.

Specific Practice Benefits and Support (practice infrastructure provided enabling immediate beginning of practice):

  1. Third-party payor support in terms of identification of panels “open” to new
    “providers,“ application assistance, client benefits determination, billing, and billing problems trouble-shooting.
  2. Consistent supply of referrals through Center’s reputation, from our
    established clinicians, and ongoing advertising (more referrals currently than current clinicians are able to service).
  3. Office, supplies, phone, voice mail, and fax.
  4. Policy, procedures, tools, and ongoing education and monitoring to ensure conformity to federal privacy and security laws.
  5. Regular in house consultation and staffing of difficult clinical presentations.
  6. Potential and model for new office/satellite office locations.
  7. Well established community networking and connections with church and
    community groups and professional and educational resources.
  8. Orientation and training including the practical “nuts and bolts” for successful outpatient practice.
  9. Assistance in developing grants for specific populations/needs.
  10. Regular in house continuing education.
  11. Marketing support available for practice development.
  12. Pre-license supervision (students, interns, externs, residents).

We are an evangelical Christian para church organization. We exist to introduce Christ's restoration to brokenness, be it emotional, psychological, or relational, through a team of Christian professionals. We recognize many believers are beset by difficulties that would prevent them from functioning as members of the Body of Christ with unique contributions to make. In addition we recognize many seekers and others desire services that are respectful of and sensitive to spiritual issues. We are aware that quality mental health services, rooted in biblical principles and Christian values, are at a premium. We seek to partner with pastors and church leaders to provide trustworthy resources to meet the needs of their flock and to advance God’s kingdom. We recognize we have the infrastructure in place to provide more services than we are currently providing and we are seeking the assistance of others to reach our potential. We are waiting on God for persons to fill many important roles. Could one of them be you?

Questions/general inquiries regarding this position as well as letters of interest with vita should be directed to: Rob Pramann, PhD, ABPP, Clinical Director at CCCU, 525 East 4500 South, Suite 125, Salt Lake City, Utah 84107-2995 or at or call (801) 268-1564 x 3.

Position Description: Licensed Clinician

Summary: Ministry minded clinician, licensed for independent practice, to provide clinical services within the scope of their license and training, participating as part of a multidisciplinary team and providing consultation, supervision, and training to other professional staff members. Services will be provided from an Evangelical Christian perspective while welcoming and respecting clients from other faiths as well as those who have no religious affiliation.



  • Requisite verifiable education for the specific licensure as a Social Worker, Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Psychologist, as required in the state of Utah, preferably already so licensed.
  • Malpractice insurance in the amount of at least $1 million/$3 million.
  • Excellent oral and written communication and documentation skills.
  • Able and willing to enthusiastically endorse the Center’s Statements of Faith, Purpose, Vision, Mission, Core Values, Philosophy of Ministry, Strategy, Guiding Principles, and adhere to and demonstrate behaviors consistent with the Moral and Behavioral Standards.
  • A courteous, Christ-like attitude for dealing with people within and outside of center.


  • Fluency with oral Spanish;
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office.

Specific Job Duties:

  1. Maintain individual license requirements as set forth by the State of Utah.
  2. Maintain malpractice insurance at the required coverage amounts.
  3. Provide services at primary worksite address and one or more satellite locations.
  4. Function as an organizational team member, coordinating with and maintaining good relations with fellow professionals, ancillary staff, Board of Trustee members, volunteers, and with the Administrative Team.
  5. Provide assessment, counseling and psychotherapy, consultation, and psychoeducation for clients, whether individuals, couples, families, groups, or organizations.
  6. Provide psychological testing if licensed as a Psychologist.
  7. Establish, maintain, and document a working services or treatment plan for each assigned client.
  8. Coordinate care with other mental health team members, both within and outside of Center.
  9. Participate in the on-call and inquiry line responsibilities.
  10. Document all client contacts and other services in the respective clinical record.
  11. Document each client visit and any other service provided to a client on a superbill and process it according to established procedure.
  12. Document monies received from clients during a client visit on the client’s superbill.
  13. Establish and collect client fees and submit them to Billing and Accounts according to established procedure, and regularly update client fee information.
  14. Maintain the confidentiality of client records and protected health information according to Center Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures.
  15. Attend and participate in staff meetings according to their status as full-time or part-time employees.
  16. Take initiative in marketing themselves and their services at Center in coordination with the Board, Marketing Project Coordinator, Administrative Director and other clinical staff.
  17. Follow Center security procedures when entering/exiting a Center-affiliated building.
  18. Abide by the ethical, moral, legal and behavioral standards of the relevant professional organization(s) and the Center.
  19. Know and abide by the Center’s policies and procedures.
  20. Provide clinical education as assigned.
  21. Other duties as assigned.









525 East 4500 South, Suite 125, Salt Lake City, Utah 84107-2995






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