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We are an evangelical Christian para church organization. We exist to introduce Christ's restoration to brokenness, be it emotional, psychological, or relational, through a team of Christian professionals. We recognize many believers are beset by difficulties that would prevent them from functioning as members of the Body of Christ with unique contributions to make. In addition we recognize many seekers and others desire services that are respectful of and sensitive to spiritual issues. We are aware that quality mental health services, rooted in biblical principles and Christian values, are at a premium. We seek to partner with pastors and church leaders to provide trustworthy resources to meet the needs of their flock and to advance God’s kingdom.

We have the infrastructure in place to provide more services than we are currently providing and we are seeking the assistance of others to reach our potential. We are waiting on God for persons to fill many important roles. Could one of them be you? A mental health background or long-term commitment is not required.

Currently we are seeking persons to add to our Board who would broaden our church/denominational, ethnic, and socioeconomic representation. We are especially interested in adding individuals with backgrounds in finance and accounting, in pastoral ministry, in business/management, and in higher level business administration. Also we want persons who can serve on the Board as a mental health professional, (someone who is not an employee), as a consumer of mental health services, and as a lay person.

Persons interested in serving are invited to become familiar with our organization through talking with a current Board or staff member or attending a Board meeting. For additional information or application please contact Rob Pramann, PhD, Clinical Director and Board Secretary/Treasurer (Work 801-268-1564 x3, or Michael Galica, Board President/Chairman ( or send resume and letter of interest to 525 East 4500 South, Suite 125, Salt Lake City, Utah 84107-2995.

Board Job Descriptions and Assignments

Function and Location: The Board of Trustees serves primarily as the governing – working board for Christian Counseling Centers of Utah, Inc. with secondary advisory and policy responsibilities. Primary responsibilities are:

  1. Faithfully attending Board meetings and important related meetings including assigned committee meetings and annual staff retreat.
  2. Developing and following through on a yearly board member action plan.
  3. Performing officer or committee role assignments.
  4. Serious committing to participate actively in committee work.
  5. Volunteering for and willing acceptance of assignments, with thorough and on time completion.
  6. Being informed about committee matters, well prepared for meetings, and reviews and comments on minutes and reports.
  7. Getting to know other Board and committee members and building a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus.
  8. Active participating in Board and Committee(s) evaluation and planning efforts.
  9. Participation in fund raising for the organization.
  10. Assisting with Center programs and events.
  11. Determining the organization’s mission, values and purpose.
  12. Honoring Christ in all activities.
  13. Selecting and supporting the Chief Executive Officer and assessing his or her performance.
  14. Ensuring effective organizational planning of the Center.
  15. Ensuring adequate financial, clinical, support, and volunteer personnel, and other resources.
  16. Managing financial, clinical, support, and volunteer personnel, and other resources effectively.
  17. Determining, monitoring, and strengthening Christian Counseling Centers of Utah’s programs and services.
  18. Enhancing the organization’s public standing.
  19. Ensuring legal and ethical integrity and maintaining accountability.
  20. Recruiting and orienting new Board members, committee members, and assessing their performance.

Most recent meetings have been held in the Ogden office. We may explore the possible use of web conferencing and online meetings in the future.

Specific Board Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Officer assignments include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Committee Chairperson.
  2. Committee assignments may include: Audit Committee, Executive Committee, Fundraising Committee, Governance (Nominations, Board Development) Committee, Marketing Committee, and Personnel Committee.
  3. Working responsibilities could include interviewing employment applicants, being on our alarm system notification list, and assisting with computer development and applications. Other possibilities include recruiting mental health professionals, assisting with the development of publicity materials, fundraising, or grant writing.










525 East 4500 South, Suite 125, Salt Lake City, Utah 84107-2995






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